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Feedback That Has Been Left Before:

Dawn Adams
We Love Atlantic A/C Supply!! They are a Great Family Owned Business!! Our A/C died this Thanksgiving weekend. when we called them they had the parts in stock!! We picked them up along with some A/C Filters for a Very Reasonable Price!! Thank You So Much!!!
Rich Krasovich 7/2/20
I received outstanding customer service. They are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile to help you. I went into the shop with a little bit of an idea of what I was doing and left feeling like I could start doing AC repair business as a side job. I will never go anywhere else for my AC parts. Many thanks for your help, my AC is running great and I will be able to sleep tonight.
Name Laura Benedict   06/17/20
Feedback MANY THANKS !
Thanks to your expertise and your help my A/C is up and running! Over the years you have saved me thousands of dollars in repairs. I rate your company 10 STARS out of 5 !!!!
patrick bowen  4/10/20
Excellent customer service from Casey. Air conditioner  not working. Very helpful trouble shooting the problem. Patiently  walked me through the process to repair. COOL:) Highly recommend.
John G. 11/13/19

Feedback years and the service has always been friendly and helpful. Over the years in South Florida our central A/C developed crud on the coil and I always managed to find the proper coil cleaner to do the job.

Last year I attempted to clean the coil again and was disappointed, only to learn the "old" cleaner that worked was now ousted by EPA. Great, now what?
I bought what I could find and it was virtually useless. I only cleaned it every 2-3 years but after doing it just last summer, it needed to be cleaned again this year!
I had no intentions to waste time and effort for a poor result. So, I went to Atlantic A/C Supply today to get the "real stuff".
Casey informed me the acid cleaner is no longer available, but they had a custom blend that works just as well. He even showed be a pair of coils with one cleaned with the present off-the-shelf product, and the other with their products; worlds of difference.
I made my purchase and went home to clean my A/C.
After reading the directions I did just as directed. The result was just as good, maybe better, as the old acid cleaner, and far better than the new coil cleaners offered at hardware and big box stores.
If you ever need parts, advice, instructions or any involving air conditioning, do not hesitate to call/visit Atlantic A/C Supply. You'l save time and frustration getting it done right the first time!
Great business and staff, highly recommended!

timothy schongar 9/18/18
The guys at atlantic responded to my ac problems with a listening ear and helped me get the right parts at a reasonable price! I highly recommend this store to anyone with ac problems!

Ren 5/8/17
Great place of business . Experts. Knowledgable techs . Not trying to burn your pockets. Will return for my AC needs.

Pete  4/12/17
Well, my ac "service" contract provider wanted me to wait 3 days for fan motor! I called and they were extremly helpful helping me identify the exact replacement motor. I brought my piece of junk in and they explained in detail what to do and even preped the new motor and swapped the fan blade as well....AMAZING service! Then once i got home and replaced motor i still had an issue and called for help. No problem had me pointed in the right direction and up and running. Thank you so much for the help and best of all my family is comfortable again. !

Dan Marvin  7/26/16
Super friendly and helpful on the phone and at the store.  Had me out the door with the right part and instructions on how to install it in under five minutes.  AC never felt so good...

James Akers  8/29/15
Atlantic Supply was open on a Saturday morning and had the capacitor I needed in stock on a steamy August day.  Casey went through some alternate causes that should be checked with clear instructions.  An hour later I'm watching my fan turn and listening to a perfectly running compressor with ice cold air filling my home.  Thanks again Casey.

joe 7/31/15
This place is great. KC helped me tremendously. I came in for a Capacitor because my fan wasn't running on the outside unit. I also wanted to replace the hard start capacitor and he also recommended a time delay relay because I get a lot of power surges at my house. He took all the parts out and wired them together in front of me to show me how they worked. I went home and the wiring was different. I called and he walked me through which wires to remove and got me up and running. Very patient and extremely nice. The repair from my ac company was going to be 226 for the main capacitor only and 150 after hours charge. I spent approx 95.00 with KC and did it myself, plus added a new hard start and time delay. I live in Pembroke Pines, but Atlantic AC is worth the drive up to Pompano.

Jim Pace June 20, 2015
These guys were unbelievably helpful. Not only did they help me and sell me the correct capacitor that I needed for my AC unit. They adjusted the position of  my fan blade on my motor shaft for no charge. I will definetly use them again if needed and will use their contact when I do need to replace my current AC

Jeff Byer 6/18/15
Another Casey fan here! we went through the issues we have with the AC unit, he asked succinct yet simple questions, diagnosed the problem, and explained how to replace the part. This is what Customer Service SHOULD BE!!! Harvard Business School needs to have a course in "Casey"!! Thanks!!

julio calvet 4/20/15
great company always willing to help you fix your hvac.

Greg Saunders 9/28/14
Came in to find an out of production York drip pan. Casey was knowledgeable and patient helping me figure out the right part number.He ordered the part and it came quickly.I would recommend this company to anyone needing AC parts. Very nice people!

Tom Gillespie  8/26/2014

 I'm 63 and needed a condenser fan asap. The ac tech couldn't get to until 6pm and we were 83 degrees at 10am. I went to Atlantic and had no idea what size a fan (hp or rpm).The guy sold me the motor and capacitor for way less than anyone around and he went through the installation for me. My house was 76 degrees by noon. The best parts and customer service I've ever experienced.They are awesome and I'd recommend them to everyone.

Michael Verneuille  05/21/2014
 I was helped to day by your business and I can not thank you enough. I replaced a switch and capacitor and I couldn't have done without you guys.

Tom Brunnberg 05/19/2014
Your customer service is rare these days. Thanks for saving me money and time. My wife and I share customer service stories (we are in CS business) every day and are planning on writing a book on bad and good. Your CS gets an A+. Nice work!

Garrett Jabbour 01/04/14
Great people there, I was in a bind and they got me a few brazing rods out of there own work van/supplies so I could finish a big job, with out them I could of had a serious problem or problems just glad they were there to help someone they never met before.  A++++++

Luis Marcano  4/22/2013
I stopped by your business today to pick up a part for my home AC unit. I believe it was Casey who took care of me. I was impressed by his level of expertise and willingness to help me out. In today’s society it is too few and far between to encounter an individual as pleasant to work with as him. We are in the service and parts business regarding forklifts. I have been doing this for 25 years and only a few times have I had the pleasure of enjoying the level of service and knowledge he provided.  Thank you again and I will be back.


Your customer service is the best I've seen in any company I dealt with in 25 years! I understand my AC issue was not a big one, but for someone that has no idea how AC operates, I can now tell I will never call anyone before calling you guys.
Casey and the young man working with him today Oct 11, 2012 were very helpful. Casey took the time to explain every question I had. My AC fan died yesterday about 6PM. First I googled it and got some opinions about checking the capacitor... Took it out and check continuity and noticed that it was dead. Went to home depot and they don't have capacitors... called several places, from 7:30 am until 10:00 or so, no one, could help... some said I needed to be a company to fix my own AC!... then, someone gave me your name...
That was it!
After Casey helped, I came home and in less than 4 minutes I had my AC running cool air again.
I am recommending you with everybody I know.
David A



Casey was most helpful he even took fan blade of motor at no charge , great customer service . thanx again Scotty


Gary Martin      09/07/2010

Casey was a great help and my first time as a customer with Atlantic was excellent. More company's should follow your example. Thank you, Gary Martin.


Al Atkinson       06/06/2009

I can't say enough how helpful Jim was to my project. I took on a job that was more than I should have. You see I ripped out my entire duct work right down to the ceiling and  my air handler. I came in with a set of plans and and asked if he could make a plenum for it. I also needed to buy all the supplies. He took one look and said he did not think it would work right. He also said it was more complicated than it needed to be and saved me money. He used his Ductulator and drew me a different plan. He supplied the materials I needed and said if I needed more help to call. This is more than I had expected after the sale. I am a High School Auto Teacher and would recommend his store to anyone. He helped me to learn about home ac and without his help and guidance would probably cost me more money than I needed to spend.
Thanks again