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Atlantic Air Conditioning Supply Family

Atlantic Supply has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. Starting back in the early 80's after many years spent in the Air Conditioning field, working for and owning their own Air Conditioning repair & install company. We came up with the concept to offer the Do-It-Yourselfer a place to go and get any part that is needed to fix their A/C. Here at Atlantic Supply we offer everything you may need for your Central A/C repair or new installation of new equipment. We can even direct you in the right direction on installing new duct work or just adding one to the existing system. Whatever direction your A/C takes you in, Atlantic Supply can and will help you. With over 60 years combined experience at our counter there is no doubt we can steer you in the right direction. Our counter personnel are second to none. 

We Started with a 500 square foot showroom and now have over 2000 square foot.

Spending some time with us could save you thousands in the long run. We carry most common parts that are installed in your system(s) and if we don't have it, we will do our best to find the part you need. Please feel free to call 954-971-7968 or Email Us with any questions you may have about your central A/C system.

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Jim, moved to South Florida in the early 70's as a kid from Detroit, Mich. He has 20+ years experience in the Air Conditioning field under one of the best A/C companies in South Florida, Thank you Larry. Married with 2 kids and has a lab, sheppard, collie whatever mix dog named "Chevy". Dale Earnhardt nut, and is a bass fisherman. Crazy about his '81 Corvette and Stratos bass boat.

Lana, wife of Jim has lived in S. Florida her whole life. Can find just about any part one could need.

Lana, Licensed Mechanical Contractor.  Born and raised in South Florida, married with 2 children. She is totally in love with "Tigger" and her dog. 15 years experience in the mechanical field.

Casey is our newest member. He has been with us since 2006. Married to Candice (Jim & Lana's Daughter) has 2 Children. Has learned just about everything from Jim & Lana.